Get A Clue With Our 'Veronica Mars' Board Game

It's your turn to crack the case now.

It's about time you got a clue, Marshmallows: Now, in addition spending dozens of hours watching the long-canceled show and tacking on the new movie, enterprising "Veronica Mars" fans can play a "Mars"-themed version of a classic mystery board game as well. On the namesake TV show and in the new movie, sleuth Veronica cracked the case time after time, but now it's your turn to use your powers of deduction and investigative intellect.

With the help of our friend Max Evry, we created an at-home, Mars-ified whodunnit, complete with a board and character cards.

Was it Miss Mars on the beach? Or perhaps Mr. Casablancas, in the Neptune High parking lot? The pieces are in your hands with MTV News' "Veronica Mars" Clue.