How Well Do The 'Veronica Mars' Cast Know Kristen Bell? We Tested Them

Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring prove their knowledge in an ultimate quiz.

In the weeks leading up to the release of the "Veronica Mars" movie, there's been a lot of talk about the famous sleuth, but — if I'm being honest — not enough talk about the women behind the detection.

Kristen Bell's profile is at an all-time high thanks to the success of her Kickstarter-ed movie and "Frozen," but how well do her "Veronica Mars" co-stars know her?

In the latest edition of After Hours, MTV News put the cast of "Veronica Mars" to the test in the ultimate Kristen Bell quiz. Do Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring know the actress' middle name? How about the name of her "Frozen" character?

By the end of the contest, there's a definitive winner, a definitive loser and a friendship that Bell is questioning. Find out who is who in the latest episode of "After Hours."

Outside of our little game, Bell made claims to suggest that she understands the "Veronica Mars" fan base very well. Maybe a little too well.

When discussing the movie's major hook-up scene (SPOILERS AHEAD) between Veronica and Logan, Bell said that theaters might need to stock up on extra underwear for the audience.

"I joke with Jason and I say that I bet they're going to have to hand out panties in every theater because there will be a change in panties needed in this film," she said. "Sorry girls and guys."

"Veronica Mars" in playing in theaters and available on all major digital platforms now.