Kristen Bell And Cast Of 'Veronica Mars' Tell Us What's Next

Creator Rob Thomas and more weigh in on franchise's future.

Now that "Veronica Mars" has been in theaters and on demand for a full weekend, what's next for the detective franchise? While at SXSW we asked Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas (creator of the show and movie) and the rest of the cast just what they thought would be coming up.

"I would just do just about anything," Bell told us. "It would great to do a franchise of movies, we have a bit more creativity in film than we do on television. But if one day it comes back as some sort of a series, I would be involved as well."

And Thomas has even more ambitious ideas in mind.

"Big picture, I feel like Nancy Drew had a good 70 year run, and I would like to replace her," Thomas joked. "Honestly, I hope on some level, dream of dreams that Veronica would become an iconic fictional detective, and she could be spun off in any number of ways."

In fact, Thomas is spinning off "Veronica Mars" into a series of novels starting with "The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line" on March 25. The book picks up right after the movie, and if everything goes well could be the launching pad for the next movie, as well.

"The novels that we're doing, those could very well end up being future 'Veronica Mars' plots," Thomas continued. "I'm really taking care with the plotting of those, and I'm going to try and make it a continuous universe. So those novels don't exist in some parallel universe, but in Veronica's timeline."

Thomas added that he hopes "Veronica Mars" becomes a "mini Bond franchise," releasing a new film every two or three years, though not for $100 million like the "Bond" films.

"The affordable franchise, is what I'd like to be," Thomas quipped.

Bell meanwhile ultimately leaves the decision up to the people who revived the show in the first place.

"I would want to know what the fans want, to be honest," Bell said. "I don't say that insincerely. As an artist, you want to do things that your audience likes and wants and appreciates and gets excited about."

And on the other end of the spectrum, actor Chris Lowell has a completely different idea on where his character should go next.

"Veronica Mars and Piz in space," Lowell joked. "Why are we even talking about this? Piz in space. I mean, that's it. Who's not going to see that movie?"

"Veronica Mars" is now in theaters.