'Veronica Mars': Inside The Steamy Hookup That Will Make You Need 'A Change Of Panties'

Kristen Bell suggests that you bring a fresh pair, just in case.

Warning: Spoilers for the "Veronica Mars" movie and TV series within.

It's been the better part of a decade since "Veronica Mars" was on air, so it's no surprise that certain things have changed. Jeans have gone from bootcut to skinny, Facebook has had approximately a bajillion redesigns, Twitter exists and Veronica herself has gone from teen sleuth to grown-up fancy lawyer lady.

There's one thing that's certainly stayed constant since the fan-favorite TV show was canceled, as the newly released, Kickstarter-backed movie proves: Logan and Veronica's sexual chemistry. It was, and remains, hawt.

Once Veronica's nemesis, slashing her tires and taunting her at school in the wake of the murder of Lilly Kane (Veronica's BFF/Logan's GF), Logan and Veronica eventually hooked up. And broke up. And hooked up again.

As of the series' finale, the pair's on-again, off-again relationship was decidedly off. In an interview with MTV News, however, star Kristen Bell (if you don't know she plays Veronica by now, we don't even know what to do with you) revealed that she and Jason Dohring (Logan) had some key scenes in the movie that would, well, turn you on.

"I joke with Jason and I say that I bet they're going to have to hand out panties in every theater because there will be a change in panties needed in this film," she said. "Sorry girls and guys."

Director Rob Thomas acknowledged that he knew what he was doing when he wrote a hook-up into the script.

"I thought there might be a riot if that didn't occur in the movie," Thomas said. "People have been pining for that for a long time."

"Veronica Mars" hits select theaters today.