'The Walking Dead': Predictions For Tonight's Episode 'The Grove'

Something very big is happening in the world of 'The Walking Dead,' with a new episode airing tonight.

Only three episodes remain on the fourth season of "The Walking Dead." The first of those three airs tonight, and it's called "The Grove." It's also the one episode of the season you absolutely can't miss.

At least, that's the case according to Robert Kirkman, executive producer and writer on the show, and writer and creator of the "Walking Dead" comic books. In a recent interview, Kirkman said this about Sunday's hour: "If there is one episode of 'The Walking Dead' that you absolutely had to watch this season, it would be this one."

It certainly sounds like "The Grove" will be a bit of a jaw-dropper. What kind of bombshell will drop on tonight's episode? Here are some of our guesses:

1. Tyreese and Carol have it out. Both characters are heavily featured in the previews for tonight's "Walking Dead." Tyreese still doesn't know that Carol killed Karen. Carol still keeps that secret. But that secret is going to come out, and it's very likely that it'll come out tonight. The question is, what happens once the cat is out of the bag? Can Tyreese keep his emotions in check, or will there be blood?

2. Lizzie will be revealed. There have been enough clues that Lizzie is the one who was tormenting rats in the prison. Just look at the way she tried to "pacify" baby Judith; not exactly a model babysitter. Lizzie seems like a true psychopath in the making. If she's revealed to the rest of the group tonight, what happens? Will she kill someone in the group — possibly even Judith? Or will someone like Tyreese or Carol put her down before Lizzie can do anymore damage?

3. The group reunites. Here's the description for tonight's episode: "After finding an idyllic place to establish a new shelter, the group starts to question whether it is possible to go back to the way things were." The way that's phrased — referring to the episode's characters as "the group" — suggests that multiple story lines could intersect as soon as tonight.

4. Rick will lose something. I want to stay vague for the people who haven't read the comics. But those who have read the books, know that something happens to Rick that has not yet happened on the show. What if they go there tonight?

5. Daryl Dixon will die. The clues are there. Beth predicting that Daryl will be "the last man standing." Daryl sleeping in the coffin. Daryl all alone, embedded in a new group of dangerous men. The show seems to be setting Daryl up for a final moment of redemption or sacrifice. What if Daryl is the next to die? What if he dies tonight? Perhaps he'll survive "The Grove," but it's starting to look worrisome for my favorite cross-bro.

What do you think will happen on tonight's "Walking Dead" episode?