That 'First Kiss' Viral Video Is Ripe For Parody: Check Out 11 New Takes

The Web can't stop, won't stop.

Remember that viral "First Kiss" video in which a cadre of strangers smooch for the first time? Of course you do — nearly 50 million people watched it and at least one of them was probably you. Well, cue the inevitable parade of parodies.

From puppies to fist-bumps to decidedly unpleasant bodily functions, the denizens of the Web have come out in droves to offer up their spin on the short film, which was created by indie fashion label Wren.

Check out some of the most striking examples below before the Web sinks its puppy-like teeth into the next shiny thing and shakes it into submission like a drool-soaked rag doll.

1). Jimmy Fallon Gets Cute

2). Straight-Up Dogging

3). A Less-Fun First

4). Imagined Outtakes

5). A Version For Bros

6). First...Everything

7). Can I Get Someone Else?

8). A Sweeter Option

9). The 'Real' Version

10). The 30-Year-Old Kiss Virgin

11). Chelsea Handler Gets Handsy