New J.K. Rowling Story Reveals Secret History Of Quidditch

History of the Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore full of sporting secrets and juicy details.

No dragons in the stands, no Dark Marks on the field, and absolutely no retaliating for a bad call by casting an engorgio spell on the referee's buttocks! These are just a few of the secret guidelines revealed by J.K. Rowling in a new official History of the Quidditch World Cup.

Rowling posted the original, 2,400-word document — the first of a two-part history — on Pottermore Friday morning (March 14), one of the author's most significant contributions yet to the site that celebrates all things wizard.

The Quidditch history came on the heels of exciting news from the magical community in Orlando, Florida, where it was announced that visitors to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will soon be able to hitch a ride on the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley.

Rowling's History of the Quidditch World Cup contains exciting, insider details on everything from the World Cup tournament regulations to its most memorable (or in some cases, memory-wiping) moments over the course of six centuries of Quidditch history.

The Rules of the Game

Do you understand Quidditch's complex scoring system? Do you know the difference between a bludger and a quaffle? Congratulations: You still know nothing about the game. According to the History, Quidditch is governed by a 19-volume rulebook containing everything from a ban on the use of dragons for any purpose (not even for warming your cocoa), and the prosecutable offense of referee body modifications... "Whether or not he or she has requested such modifications."

Picking a Playing Field

Members of the International Confederations of Wizards Quidditch Committee (ICWQC) are responsible for scouting deserts, moors and unpopulated islands on which the quadrennial tournament can take place. Membership on the committee is reportedly a thankless and terrible job. A job that nobody wants, but which must nonetheless be done in the name of continued quidditching.

The Spruce Is Loose

The History includes a roundup of the scandals and hardships that have plagued the Quidditch World Cup. Among the standouts: an 1809 match in which an ill-tempered Mexican player named Niko Nenad cast a spell on a nearby forest, causing an army of furious enchanted trees to rush the field in what became a day-long, all-out war between man and maple.

Magic Memories

Finally, while Rowling divulged the details of many a memorable Quidditch match, the most interesting tournament in history is the one people can't remember.

What happened in 1877 to cause mass memory loss amongst every player and attendee of that year's Quidditch World Cup? Who imprisoned the Argentinians in the basement of a Welsh pub? Why did Canadian Seeker Angelus Peel have his knees on backwards?!

The wizarding world may never know, although personally, we think that Gilderoy Lockhart might have been involved somehow.