'Veronica Mars': Fans React To The New Movie

With movie finally out, fans and Kickstarter backers offer their own reviews.

The "Veronica Mars" movie has always been about the fans. From the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, to the fan premiere at SXSW the show only ended up getting one more shot nearly a decade later because of the diehard Marshmallow fanbase.

And with the movie hitting today, you can read about what the critics think... But the only really important reaction is from the fans who made the movie happen:

Getting Ready

They Like It, They Really Like It!

It Was A Sound Investment

...But Is It Only For The Fans?

...And Which Fans Is It For, Exactly?

Anyway, Time For The Rewatch

So, When's The Next One Coming Out?

"Veronica Mars" is in theaters and on demand today.