Beyonce, Will You Adopt Little Mix? They're Begging

Girl group were thrown some hard-hitting questions during 'Live from MTV.'

Little Mix are just wrapping up their stretch of Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour, but before heading back to Great Britain to embark on their own series of shows, they swung by the MTV Newsroom to hang out with some of their fans during a 30-minute live stream.

With some of the group's biggest Mixers watching at home and live from our studio audience, countless questions were sent in our direction. Although we weren't able to get to all of your inquiries, we mined through every last one to ask the girl group the craziest questions.

Michelle, for example, who was dying to know which celebrity the ladies would like to lick or be licked by.

While Jesi was torn between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, Jade knew exactly whose saliva she'd like to interact with.

"I'm sure Beyoncé probably has some kind of super power on her tongue," she said. "So if she licked my face hopefully she'd give me some of her talent."

Even though Angelina Jolie was Leigh-Anne's top pick, Beyoncé served as her answer when asked "If you could be adopted by one person other than your own family, who would you choose any why?" by Twitter user @louiswhattheheck.

"That kid is so lucky, seriously, imagine if your dad is Jay-Z and your mom is Beyoncé," Jesi agreed, referring to the couple's daughter Blue Ivy. "It can't get better than that."

But the icing on the cake came when Hannah, one of our in-studio fans, had to know what color Zayn Malik's fiancée Perrie picked out for her bridesmaid dresses. While joking that the bride-to-be would have her bridal party in all black, Jesi also revealed none of the girls had been asked to be in the wedding.

"We don't even know if we're bridesmaids," Jesi laughed.

"They're not invited," Perrie chimed in. "No, I have no idea, like, literally, I haven't gotten a clue what's going on. I mean, planning a tour, planning this, planning that, I haven't had time really, but I think I'll get into, but it's definitely not going to be white. That's me!"