Jason Derulo Has A Theory: Larry King 'Was A Rapper In His Past Life'

Derulo talks to MTV News about how his celebrity-drenched clip came to be.

When you watch Jason Derulo's celebrity-drenched "Talk Dirty" video, you'll see One Direction doing their their signature dance moves, Pete Wentz playing an air saxophone and Robin Thicke telling you to "talk dirty." But perhaps the best cameo of all came from not a pop star, but late-night talk host Larry King.

The 80-year-old television veteran helps kick off the party by speaking the opening lines of Derulo's inescapable hit: "I'm that flight that you get on. International."

While King's delivery is a bit drier than Derulo's, no one — not even Derulo himself — can deny that the guy nailed the cadence.

"That dude made the video," Derulo told MTV News on Thursday. The singer had just wrapped up an interview with King — a sit-down Derulo considered a "huge deal" — and asked last-minute if he wanted in on the "Talk Dirty" action. "He was just like, 'Yeah, let's go. What do you need me to do?' One time. He did it one time, on the beat and everything. I think he was a rapper in his past life."

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Some people may have been hesitant to ask the legendary host such a favor, but it's all part of the carpe diem attitude Derulo's inherited — and one that's evident throughout the clip.

"I'm just trying to have a good time and live every day like it's my last," he said. "The song is not something that you take too seriously. It's a very fun song that'll get you moving, get you dancing. So I wanted to see what everybody's take on it was, what they would do."

Derulo initially got the idea after One Direction did their own dance to the track during 1D Day. That's when he decided to call up as many celebs as he could get to see what moves they had. It ended up taking about two and a half months to make, but in the end, he had a pretty impressive roster of 23 celebs.

And for fans of the final product, Derulo says you'll be happy to hear that his upcoming music reflects his new motto: "Just have fun and be yourself."

He teased that "feel-good" attitude is also what you'll hear on his next single, "Wiggle," which will feature Snoop Dogg.