We Imagined Covers For 'Veronica Mars' Pulp, Noir And Modern Mystery Novels

What if Veronica Mars was the star of a mystery novel from every decade?

Girl detective Veronica Mars was a refreshing change in the landscape of the stereotypical brawny, whiskey-swigging private dicks when the show of the same title debuted in 2004. Ten years later, she's been ushered onto the big screen after thousands of loyal fans pledged their money to make a movie happen.

Yes, Kristen Bell is back as Veronica in this weekend's "Veronica Mars," and it's like she never left.

In honor of the lasting appeal of the slightly fun-size sleuth, we decided to plug Veronica into the settings of classic mystery genres of yore. With the help of our friend Old Red Jalopy, MTV News imagined Veronica as a pulp dame, Nancy Drew, a noir detective and more.

Classic Mystery

Nancy Drew



Modern Bestseller

"Veronica Mars" hits theaters and on-demand March 14.