Watch Fergie, Josh Duhamel And Baby Axl Be Adorable Down In Texas

MTV News visits the set of 'Lost in the Sun' and meets some unexpected co-stars.

When MTV News visited Josh Duhamel in Texas on the set of the upcoming thriller "Lost in the Sun," there was plenty he wanted to share about his latest role ... as a father, that is.

In August, Duhamel and his wife, Black Eyed Peas' star Fergie, welcomed their first child — a boy named Axl — into the world. And in the time since, the actor has discovered that parenthood is a lot more difficult that learning lines; for starters, there's no script to speak of.

"It's something that I always wanted to be, to be a dad, and finally it's here, and it's everything; it's every cliché everybody said it was going to be," Duhamel told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "And now he's starting to do stuff, it really makes it exciting. I come home from work and [Fergie's] taught him something new. He's breakdancing now; he's six months!"

Of course, Fergie and Axl were with Duhamel on the set of "Sun," something the actor was quick to point out, as he directed our cameras off into the distance, where the new mom and her baby boy were enjoying the Texas morning.

"Look at that! You won't see that every day. Pushing a stroller through a pasture, Ms. Fergie Ferg," Duhamel laughed. "She's fantastic. She's a wonderful mom, that's for sure. ... She'd never changed a diaper before this, she'd ever held an infant before this, I had because I have much younger sisters, and all my buddies have kids ... so it's been fun to watch her take to it."

And while Axl has two very famous parents, Duhamel said that he feels no pressure to have his son follow in his footsteps. Seems like he's got other priorities as a dad.

"I'm definitely not going to push it on him. Most importantly, we want to raise a kid that's respectful, a kid that doesn't feel entitled to anything," he said. "The main objective is to just keep him out of prison; if I can do that, I have succeeded as a father."