Shailene Woodley Admits She's Made Out With Just About Everyone In 'Divergent'

But one question remains: Who's her favorite to kiss?

Some people consider themselves foodies, connoisseurs of gourmet goodies and experts of what's good to put in your mouth. Still others are style mavens, always ready to rock the next trend and willing to share fashion tips at the drop of an en vogue hat.

Shailene Woodley, however, star of the upcoming "Divergent," has quite a different specialty. As she admitted to MTV News during the MTV First celebrating the debut of Ellie Goulding's new "Beating Heart" music video, Woodley has locked lips with most of the major male characters in "Divergent." She shared smooches with Theo James in "Divergent," heated things up on-screen with Miles Teller in "The Spectacular Now," and audiences will swoon over her romance with Ansel Elgort in the upcoming "The Fault In Our Stars."

"I feel like I hit the jackpot, they're all great kissers," Woodley confided, though she declined to pick a favorite co-star to plant a wet one on.

Though the 22-year-old makes it look easy — after all, there's a reason she's nominated alongside Teller for Best Kiss at this year's MTV Movie Awards — there's a method to the makeout madness. According to Woodley, it's all about making the moment authentic. She called her kissing scene with James in "Divergent" one of the movie's hardest scenes, because of the importance of making it realistic. As James said, they didn't want his character to "fall into the trap of being Cheesy McHunkerson."

"He has to take his shirt off in that scene and we didn't want it to feel like, oh, attractive male lead taking his shirt off in a young adult franchise," Woodley said.

See whether Woodley and James succeeded when "Divergent" hits theaters March 21.