'Titanfall': Everything You Need To Know About The New Game

Is the new first-person shooter for Xbox One and Xbox 360 worth the purchase?

"Titanfall," the eagerly anticipated new first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and Xbox One finally hits stores today, and with it all the mayhem you can expect from a game including giant robotic mech-suits. Though the game is also available on PC, Microsoft is hoping to pick up more buyers on their new system. In the end, only one thing really matters: Is it fun?

For the answer, as well as everything you need to know about the new game, read on:

Bring The Rain

In the massive only-online multiplayer game, you're a "Pilot," hoping to kill enough other players and non-player characters to gain the use a Titan: massive, armored mechs you can control and call on from space.

Basically the game works on a timer, with kills knocking chunks off the clock until the big moment. Once you've earned a Titan, you can call it in from space then jump inside and lay waste to dozens of AI opponents; and hopefully a few player controlled Pilots.

Explosive Gameplay

Shooter enthusiasts will have a grand time with "Titanfall," mostly because of its fast-paced action. And we really mean fast. Mobility is key as your Pilot is armed with a special jumpkit, a kind of short range jet pack that allows you to double jump and run on walls. All the levels have tons of ways to get around, places to hide and lots of versatility. With excellent and easy controls, even first timers will be jumping and wall running with the best.

Even More Explosive Graphics

Graphically, "Titanfall" looks pretty solid, too. While it won't blow other games out of the water, the bright graphics and fluid animations bring the world to life. Massive, screen filling explosions and poppy gunshots make great work on the audio side.

Get Big (But Not On Story)

The levels all feel really big, and feel lived in. While the story is practically non-existent, much of the history between the game's two warring factions can be told silently on the battlefield. Dilapidated and walled off slums show the rebel Militia's plight while the industrial, progressive arenas show off the military might of the IMF. Really, though the backstory is just an excuse to drive huge mechs and shoot things.

And that's kind of the downside. "Titanfall" is through and through only multiplayer. There's a campaign mode that attempts to tell the story of an intergalactic struggle, but it still boils down to mowing over other players in a series of online matches.

Massive Multiplayer

Where story campaign is a wash, multiplayer shines. There are several modes to choose from, ranging from standard deathmatch, to capture the flag or base, to last man (read, Titan) standing.

All matches are 6 verses 6, and that might seem a bit small; don't let it fool you. The battlefield really comes to life with the AI opponents, and when you see several Titans battling at once it's an awesome sight. I cannot stress how cool it is to run through the legs of one Titan, wallrun up the side of a building to get away and then set up a sneak attack with a rocket launcher. "Titanfall" is full of these big moments.

Unlock and Load

Rounding out the regular range of first person shooter guns are unique abilities for your Pilot. For instance, you can equip a cloaking device, making you invisible for a limited time and for sneaking in kills. Or you can use the stim package to boost your run speed in order to quickly get to a battle. You'll want to play around to find your preferred style, but there's enough variety to keep things fresh.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Eventually you'll unlock character perks through notable actions on the battlefield. Called Burn Cards, these give you a slight edge over your opponents. It's a neat way of changing up the perk systems of other shooters. They're great for players that need a little bit more help; and prudent use of the cards can make you a force to be reckoned with.

Recommendation: Buy It

"Titanfall" is available now on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.