Chief Keef's 'F--k Rehab' Couldn't Make His Point Any Clearer

After completing court-mandated rehab, the Chicago rapper explains how he's really feeling.

If you were wondering how Chief Keef

feels about the 90-day stint he just completed in rehab, his latest single has all of the answers.

The Chicago rapper, born Keith Cozart, was mandated to enter rehab after failing multiple drug tests while on probation, and that has inspired the new track "F--k Rehab." Produced by Bezz Luciano, with a feature from GBE's Blood Money, the songs sounds pretty much like what we've come to expect from Keef.

The 18-year-old began his rehab stint at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, but later relocated to a facility in Orange County, since he isn't a people person. "I had to stay with 30 motherf---ers -- and I don't like people," he told Billboard. "I ain't no friendly-ass n---a. I won't shake your hand if I don't like you. Don't speak to me."

During his time in California, he took surfing lessons and recorded music for his upcoming album Bang 3, where "F--k Rehab" will be featured.

Keef was released from the rehab center in mid-February and he wasted no time getting back to his usual antics, which included posting Instagram photos of himself smoking weed.

No word on when Bang 3 will be officially released.