Will 'The Walking Dead' Make 'Beryl' A Reality? Emily Kinney Weighs In

The actress who plays Beth on AMC's zombie drama reveals her own thoughts on this season's most fiery new relationship.

Ever since Beth and Daryl of "The Walking Dead" turned up as a twosome in "Inmates," the chemistry between them has had fans clamoring for a hookup. And if you're one of the legions of "Beryl" shippers who are longing for some romance amongst the zombie hordes, here's a quote from Emily Kinney that'll drive you absolutely wild.

"I just remember it getting really, really hot," said the actress who plays Beth, recalling a fiery moment on-set with the deliciously grimy Norman Reedus.

But before you get too excited: No, this isn't a sneak peek into the characters' steamy future together. What Kinney was referring to is last week's incendiary episode in which Beth and Daryl lit up the screen by burning down a moonshine shack. Filming the scene involved the actual burning of an actual house, and a challenge for the actors who had to keep their cool (and flip the bird to the blazing structure) despite increasingly searing temperatures.

"You only get a couple chances at shots like that, 'cause once the house is burned down you can't really go back," Kinney explained. "That whole night was pretty exciting and pretty fun. We only could do a couple takes, so there was a lot of preparation."

That said, MTV News did press the actress a bit on the possibility of romance for Beth and Daryl. But while it's possible that Emily is just being sly to avoid spoiling the unbearably sexy surprise, her response was cagey in the extreme.

"Well, I think it says something about these characters feeling very lonely, and it makes me happy that the audience is sort of picking up on that, that these two people are people that need someone," she said. "It makes sense to me that people would hope that each of them would find someone... but yeah, I don't know what's going to happen. I do feel like now, after [that] episode, that Beth and Daryl know each other on a much deeper level, in an intimate way. I don't think they feel alone the way they did before."

Of course, the chance of a Beth-Daryl romance happening now -- with the two of them having been separated Sunday night under mysterious and suspicious circumstances -- seems slim. But for those who want to hold out hope, Emily won't give anything away, one way or the other.

"No spoilers. You don't really want to know," she said. "This whole sitution that they're in, we don't know what's going to happen next. I think [the producers] want the audience to feel that way too. In the dark, walking around, trying to survive, not knowing what is around the corner: we want you to feel the way we feel."