Watch 'True Detective' Season 2 Secrets Revealed By Jimmy Kimmel And Seth Rogen

If you thought the Man with the Scars was weird, wait till you see what Jimmy and Seth do to the hit HBO series.

If you ask us, season one of "True Detective"
 ended in classic style
, giving HBO viewers one of the wildest, most intense rides in recent memory.

We're sad to say goodbye to Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, not so much the Man with the Scars or the Tuttles. But after getting that shot of TV adrenaline, we're all dying to know what solitary show creator Nic Pizzolatto has in store.

Luckily for us, on Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel previewed the much-anticipated second season with some help from Seth Rogen. WARNING: [totally fake] spoilers on tap.

First off, Kimmel revealed that the second season will move from the swamps of Louisiana to the hipster confines of Austin, Texas, where he just happens to be filming his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show this week during SXSW.

The preview opens with Texas State Police CID officers questioning a toothpick-chomping Kimmel about his wild and wooly partner, Rogen. "You don't pick your parents and you don't pick your partner," Kimmel says. "You need to understand, Seth was intense. He came out of years of deep narco."

We then we glimpse Rogen, with long hair and a handlebar mustache, looking disheveled and revealing his years of hard living. Those lost times found him ingesting a "great deal of terrible s---," including a whole bottle of Children's Tylenol PM. And not just the pills, the Costco-sized bottle.

Freebasing gluten, a baby killing its own mom with a breakfast taco, creepily quoting Cher and Cyndi Lauper, Rogen was into weird stuff. We won't spoil it all for you, but we can reveal it involved the defacing of one of Austin's most beloved murals and beer, lots and lost of beer.