There Are Four Lily Allens In ‘Our Time,’ And They’re All Badass

One of them is in a hotdog suit. Case closed.

There are many, many Lily Allens —
the one with the pink eyeshadow in “Smile,” the washed-up party girl in “22,,” the bad bitch in “Hard Out Here” —
and in her latest video, for “Our Time,” we see what happens when four of them get drunk and team up for a wild night out in Londontown.

There’s the most recognizably Lily Allen Lily Allen, wearing a white fur coat and her jet-black hair in a high ponytail. Then there’s the more uptown-girl Lily, her hair in a posh updo. And finally, there’s the rough-around-the edges blonde, who ends up getting into a fight with the one dressed up as a hotdog —
apparently, the sausage product is having a moment. But worry not, they make up, and all four share a rather friendly cab ride home together —
with the blonde and the raven-haired Lilys even sneaking in a steamy —
and, if you think about it, a very weird —kiss in the back seat.

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