Lady Gaga Is The First Woman In 15 Years To Keynote SXSW Music

She's also the youngest speaker ever.

Lady Gaga’s performance and keynote speech at South By Southwest Festival will be historic for more than one reason. Not only will this mark Gaga’s first stint at SXSW, she’s also the youngest keynote speaker the fest has ever had at 27 — and the first woman in 15 years.

“I think she’s a pretty obvious keynote choice,” music festival general manager James Minor told MTV News. “Our festival is known for its diversity and I believe that having her as a keynote follows with that thinking. In the past we’ve had everybody from Lou Reed to Smokey Robinson to Dave Grohl. We’ve kept it pretty diverse throughout the years.”

Although speakers have, indeed, run the gamut over the years, it has been a while since one of those speakers has been a woman, according to Minor. The last female speaker was singer Lucinda Williams in 1999.

“It’s definitely not something that we planned,” Minor said. “It’s just kind of the way that things worked out. It’s about time.”

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