Girls On 'Girls': Brooklynite Hilarie Doesn't Do Wigs

We asked a real New York woman what she thought of this week's episode of "Girls."

We asked real Brooklynite Hilarie Ashton what she thought of this week's episode of "Girls," "Role Play."


Remember the time you threw on a blonde wig and pretended not to know your boyfriend, resulting in him being assaulted by a well-meaning stranger on the street? Yeah, us too.

For a show that's supposed to be about New York women figuring it all out, an alarming number of the voices leading the conversation about HBO's "Girls" appear to be, well, not New York women, figuring it out or otherwise. Enter Girls on "Girls," our weekly reaction column spotlighting the ladies who know what's what when it comes to being female in the city.

This week, we're joined by 30-year-old Hilarie Ashton, who hails from Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood, to discuss the March 9 episode, "Role Play." Read on for discussions of bad job interviews, whether Hilarie is a "girl" and when it's appropriate to wig out.

Who Are You?

Hilarie Ashton. 30. Grad student (gettin' my PhD in English at CUNY Graduate Center), yoga teacher. Proud Fort Greene resident. Reader, kickboxer.

Are You a Girl?

Hear me roar.

Do You Relate to 'Girls' in General?

I have a complicated relationship with GIRLS. I hate-watched the first few episodes of the first season, and quickly realized I actually loved it. That latter feeling usually persists, punctuated by bouts of "Ugh! I can't believe [blank] just said that."

Are You a Hannah/Marnie/Shosh/Jessa/Charlotte/Carrie/etc?

None of the above. I'm Sandra Bullock.

What's Your Baggage?

Usually a tote bag.

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What's a Moment From Sunday's Episode That Felt Most Like Something You'd Do?

The moment that most resonated — because it's a conversation I recently had with a friend — is the exchange between Hannah and Elijah after the attempted rehearsal attendance. He says she should fight for her relationship with Adam, and she says she's sick of talking.

What's Something From the Episode That You'd Never Do?

I would never wear a platinum blonde wig outside of a party context (that is, while pretending to handle real problems). Adam's reaction was priceless. In fact, all of his diction in this episode was priceless. Lena's scream on exiting the bar was pretty great, too. Maybe I should rethink the wig scenario.

What's the Worst Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You In a Job Interview?

I've had pretty garden variety job interview questions. The most awkward moment was in one of my first ones out of college, when I knew very little about working in The Big City. I was told my salary would be $[embarrassingly tiny amount], and that I could earn more by writing grants. I later learned, when actually working in fundraising, how unethical that is.

What's the Weirdest Situation You've Witnessed on the Street?

My weirdest recent street moment was a screaming match between two people riding bikes on Dekalb Ave. They were each getting territorial about the bike lane. One wished that the other would get hit by a car. This is weird because my part of Brooklyn is very friendly and loving. I also don't think of cyclists as so violent.