The 4 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' You Might Not See In The Movie

Director James Gunn revealed the characters who got cut out and the ones who might appear.

During a "Guardians of the Galaxy" live chat over the weekend, director James Gunn, along with Chris Pratt and Kevin Feige, opened up about what is likely the be the strangest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. As weird as a talking tree and raccoon might be, the comic book series, which dates back to the '70s, has a passionate group of fans that are eager to see their favorite characters grace the screen.

Over the course of the conversation, Gunn and Feige mentioned a number of characters from the comics that haven't been included in movie talk thus far. Both were vague on some names and outright denied others, but diehards should have a better idea of what to expect from the big screen "Guardians."

On the other hand, if you watched the chat as more of a casual fan and didn't know who Gunn and Feige were talking about, here's a rundown of each character that they name checked during the livestream.


This talking canine is the head of security at the Guardians' base, Knowhere, but he hasn't been mentioned in any of the materials about the movie. The space headquarters are confirmed to appear, however. Feige suggested fans of Cosmo to go see the movie and find out, which to me sounds like we'll be seeing him.


The green guy from the Microverse hangs around the fringes of the Guardians. As a part of Star-Lord's covert team during "Annihilation: Conquest," Bug is essentially a promo-member of the group, but never gets the formal invite. Similarly, he won't be making an appearance in the film, but he was featured in an earlier draft of the screenplay.


A leader among the race of powerful Deviants, Tantalus almost made it into the movie, appearing in a previous draft as well.


The Guardians as we know them is the second group of individuals to take on the name. The first included Starhawk, a powerful being cursed to relive his own life over and over again. Gunn mentioned that he is one of his favorite characters, but a fellow original Guardian, Yondu, is the only one from the group appearing in the movie.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" opens in theaters on August 1.