'Walking Dead': 17 Questions About 'Alone'

Maggie searches for Glenn, Daryl loses Beth, and Sasha and Bob find each other on an all-new 'Walking Dead.'

"What about Bob?"

If that was your burning question entering the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," then you must have walked away satisfied. This week's hour, titled "Alone," was very heavy on Bob Stookey, the former medic and alcoholic newbie on the run with Maggie and Sasha. "Alone" began with Bob, and nearly ended with him — but there was plenty of Daryl and Beth to enjoy as well, if you didn't get enough of them in last week's hour.

As is the case with most "Walking Dead" episodes, "Alone" left us with several burning questions. Seventeen of them, to be precise — and here they are:

1. Where's Wallace? Sorry, I had to.

2. What's Bob's safe word? Clearly, it's not "ow."

3. How awesome does Beth look with a crossbow? Pretty awesome. The Daryl Dixon School of Marksmanship produces strong students!

4. How would you prefer to travel: On Daryl Dixon's motorcycle, or on Daryl Dixon? The choice is obvious here, people. Piggyback, every time.

5. How many people have held Daryl's hand before? Other than Beth, I'm betting not too many, based on what we now know about the bowman's past.

6. What good reason does Sasha have not to go in search of Terminus? I can't think of a one. It makes all the sense in the world to seek out sanctuary, when there are no other leads. I like Sasha, but lord, I just don't understand her thinking sometimes.

7. Did anyone else half-expect Nathaniel Fisher Sr. to pop up with some beyond-the-grave advice in that funeral parlor? Or am I the only "Six Feet Under" fan in the house?

8. Are you getting hungry yet? The "Walking Dead" food catalogue continues to grow! Peanut butter and jelly, diet soda and pig's feet in the funeral home, plus the can of corn Sasha was eating.

9. Would you have ditched Bob and Sasha? Maggie feels she has nothing left to live for, other than Glenn. And she's pretty badass — I think she can handle herself on her own. Still, in these post-apocalyptic times, I think it wiser to stick together, don't you?

10. What do you think of Maggie's penmanship? Pretty smart to leave those blood-painted signs behind for Glenn, don't you think?

11. Would you want a dog in the zombie apocalypse? Pets rule, but you can't control the barking, and barking attracts noise; plus, it's another mouth to feed. Then again, hard to turn down a dog in need...

12. Did I totally call Bob and Sasha hooking up or what? Yeah, I totally did.

13. By the way, I know what I said about Sasha, but what about Bob? Sasha was clearly into the kiss. Why go searching for Maggie instead of sticking with the girl who wants to make kissy face with you from now until the end of the world? (Well, technically, the world already ended; you know what I mean.)

14. Is Maggie's signpost axe the coolest weapon on "Walking Dead" now? It's certainly in the running with Daryl's crossbow and Michonne's katana. Perhaps not as iconic, but still very cool.

15. Do we trust Joe? No. We don't. And right about now, we should be very worried about the company Daryl's keeping.

16. Where did Beth go? She's off on her own in the car, now, without a Dixon to protect her. Can she handle herself? Will she find Maggie's Terminus signs? How will we run into Beth again?

17. When will Glenn and Maggie reunite? Because now that "Terminus" is on Glenn's radar, it's a matter of when, not if. I don't think we'll see them together until the finale, based on the pace of this half-season, but it's inevitable.

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