'The Walking Dead': All The Biggest Moments On 'Alone'

Big happenings with Beth, Daryl and Bob Stookey on this week's episode; and we meet two new villains.

Continuing its slow path into straight up just turning into a continuation of "Lost," "The Walking Dead" did all but quote that show's catchphrase, "Live together, die alone" this week. And I say that not to be glib: I never thought an episode focusing on how happy Bob Stookey is would be so good.

Here are all the biggest moments from "Alone:"

Cold Medicine: The Post-Apocalyptic Drink Of Choice

You can always tell what time period we're in based on Bob Stookey's hair. In the haunting cold open, we finally get to see how Bob met the group, and just how lost he was: taunting walkers, drinking cold medicine to get drunk, and worst of all, not shaving his head.

It's a stark, pointed contrast with the happy Bob of the rest of the episode, and continues the last few hours' trend of goosing background character's, er, characters.

The Fog

Another week, another memorable set piece: stealing a page from other monsters' playbooks, Maggie, Bob and Sasha are stuck in a foggy area as walkers attack. The dead move in and out of the cloud to terrifying results. Later in the episode we get several massive walker attacks, but this was the one that truly stuck with us. It's been a while since the show has pulled off terror like this... And it worked.

Who Is The Mortician?

Not to steal a page from tomorrow morning's Burning Questions, but a guy in a frickin' hearse kidnapped Beth, sending Daryl into a fugue state. We first "meet" the guy when Deth sneaks into his house, finding that he's been making up the dead to look human. Daryl thinks it's creepy. Beth thinks it's nice. As usual on this show, the guy who thought the worst of the world was totally right.

Doggie Door

Just a tip from this episode: the first time someone knocks at your door, it's probably a dog. The second time? A horde of zombies. If we've told you once, we've told you a million times: never trust a dog.

Smoochie Stookies

Through the power of smooches, Bob tries to convince Sasha that there's something to hope for in this world. It doesn't work, but Maggie hugging Sasha does. Hugs and kisses, that's what this show is all about, right?

Maggie vs. The Ice Cream Truck

Speaking of Maggie, she gets a number of killer moments this episode including gutting walkers to leave signs for Glenn saying, "Glenn go to Terminus. Maggie." Because nothing is more trustworthy than giant signs smeared in blood. Then she decides to take a nap next to an ice cream truck full of walkers until she can find Sasha... Which would be stupid, if she couldn't back it up by killing a kabillion zombies. Go Maggie!

Daryl Meets The Bed Bandits

In a surprise twist, Daryl ends up surrounded by the group of guys who tried to kill Rick for his bed a few episodes back. And given his new mind-set post Bethnapping, he decides to join them. This is a dark path for the fan favorite, and we're just hopping he learns how bad Joe and his team are... And soon.

What did you think of "Alone?" What was your favorite moment?