'Girls': Every Soul-Shattering Thing Marnie's Annoying Friend Said

Do you, like, know what we mean?

We all have that friend. The up-talking, obnoxious, soul-shatteringly entitled one who somehow seems to succeed despite all odds. (No? Don't we? Look harder, you'll find them.) Or even when this person says something that sounds like a rational sentence, they immediately follow it up with an incongruous and totally unacceptable remark.

What we're trying to say is, holy eff, isn't Marnie's gallery gal-pal Soojin just the living, breathing worst? For posterity (and for authenticity in our Halloween costume, because we're so totally dressing up as this chick in October), we've recorded the most cringe-worthy Soojin remarks from the March 9 episode of "Girls," "Role Play."

» "So are you in for a little more? Because it's an important investment in our space's future. My appointment just got here. Okay. Love you. Bye, Daddy."

» "Opening Cemetery. Their prices will be the death of me."

» "Sorry, we're in such disarray. There just like aren't enough hours in the day."

» "I can't be a woman and a girlfriend and a gallerist and an electronic musician and all these things all at once. It's too much for one person. I love your beanie."

» "Totally, all of that. I've been saying all along that what I really need is an assistant who's more qualified than I am."

» "I mean, my best homo friend Jeremy is already gallery director, so I thought yeah, you'd start off as an assistant. My assistant."

» "Two-four, girl. But for the cred and intrigue of the gallery I'm gonna tell people I'm 22. So."