4 Topics Ripe For Parody In Lena Dunham's 'SNL' Episode

From Pigeon Gate to the well-meaning think piece, there's plenty to explore here.

If there were two words to describe Lena Dunham, they would be "funny" and "tough," The 27-year-old actress-writer-showrunner-make-us-feel-bad-about-our-relative-lack-of-achievements-er will take her first spin hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and we can't wait to see what comes out of it.

The legendary sketch comedy show recently lost head writer Seth Meyers to the wilds of late night talk shows, so we thought we'd provide the writing staff with a few hot tips for Dunham's episode, just in case they're caught scratching their heads for what to write for the "Girls" star. Come on, y'all. There's so much good stuff there.

As for whether Dunham can take the heat of well-meaning mockery, well, anything you can say about her, she's probably already said about herself before.

Pigeon Gate

We'd bet our stylish little salvaged and repurposed buttons that this one'll come up: Remember when Dunham may or may not have had a bird on her head during the photoshoot for her

cover shoot?

We called our psychic to consult, and we're seeing...a raccoon? A nutria? Bobby Moynihan? Perched atop Dunham's noggin. Take that, Jezebel.


We saw it once in the promos she did with Kate McKinnon for this weekend's show, and we can pretty much guarantee we'll see it again. ("It," in this case, is boobs.)

Her Shark-Jumping "Star Wars" Tweet

Remember the time Dunham kind of accidentally confirmed co-star Adam Driver's big "Star Wars" casting news via congratulatory tweet? We do! (Also, it was like five minutes ago, so of course we haven't quite forgotten.) In this social media-ified age, there's so much rich opportunity for shark-jumping. Maybe she could somehow jump an actual sea creature with a smartphone? We're not opposed.

"Girls" Think Pieces

Let's not overthink things, shall we? Oh, wait, that's just about all we do when it comes to "Girls." Sometimes, a cupcake shared with a friend in the tub is just a cupcake shared with a friend in a tub, end of story. This is Big L's chance to tell the world. Again.

Lena Dunham hosts "Saturday Night Live" on NBC March 8 at 11:30 p.m.

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