Kendrick Lamar And Tame Impala Get Gritty For ‘Divergent’ Jam

The unexpected pairing make beautiful — weird — music together.

First the Imagine Dragons at the Grammys, now Tame Impala on the “Divergent” soundtrack — Kendrick Lamar is all about the out-there collaborations lately. The latter dropped on the Web Friday (March 7), and if you were expecting something as mind-blowing as K-Dot jumping in on “Radioactive,” you won’t be disappointed.

“Backwards” is a new take on Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” off of their 2012 record Lonerism. A more jagged spin on the smooth jam, the ethereal chorus, (“Feels like we only go backwards”) lilts in the background, overlaid by Kendrick’s lightning fast rhymes: “No rules/ now feel the energy we go through/ I told you/ Put my fists like I’m supposed to/ I showed you.”

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