Michael Jackson's New Song 'Slave To The Rhythm': Listen Now

With Timbaland on the board, a teaser of MJ's posthumous track hits the Internet.

Timbaland's illustrious discography is about to get a little more — well, illustrious.

On Thursday night, a Timbaland-produced snippet of Michael Jackson's posthumous "Slave to the Rhythm" track leaked onto the Internet. The minute-long clip starts with a swift violin line and then a build of 808s, funky percussion and a rolling synth before Timbo throws in bells and whistles.

For a moment, halfway through, the track dies down and quickly picks up with the King of Pop's fiery vocals. " 'Cause she's a slave to rhythm," MJ sings with his familiar flair and patented gasps for air.

The track doesn't get too far before it fades out, but it's enough to give fans just a small taste of what's in store from the upcoming MJ album, which Timbaland has confirmed he's working on.

"I have a lot of unreleased Michael Jackson," Tim told Revolt TV back in September. "It would complete my legacy," he added about the impact this new album would have on his career.