Riff Raff Has His Eyes On David Hasselhoff's 'Baywatch' Trunks

Check out a very beachy extra from 'Retromania: Hip Hop'

Hey, Hollywood, we have a casting suggestion for any and all future "Baywatch" movies: Riff Raff. That's right, the Neon Icon should totally come on board to take up David Hasselhoff's mantle — or, rather, snazzy red trunks.

In a special extra from "Retromania: Hip Hop," Riff shared his intense love for all things "Baywatch": "When I was a young youth growing up in the beachy areas of Beachyville, Tropicalville, I always had these visions of the 'Baywatch,'" Riff said. "Sometimes I'd even go out to the beach and bring my little laptop TV and watch episodes of 'Baywatch' for hours and days at a time to the point where I'm David Hasselhoff."

We hope that said "little laptop TV" was encrusted with diamonds and came on a gold chain. We'd expect no less from Jody Highroller himself.

Already a self-described rap game Hasselhoff, all Riff needs now is a place to display his ample talents, and it seems the rapper is game to make his own opportunities.

"I'm going to make my own 'Baywatch' and you're going to see it, you're going to hear about it, and your kids are going to tell their kids about it," he said. "And when you look in those history books, you're flipping through lifeguards and then you look up the 'V,' 'Versace lifeguard,' picture of me. No description needed."

Get a taste of what that iteration of "Baywatch" would look like in this very special "Retromania: Hip Hop" clip!