'Last Of Us' Movie: Who Should Play Ellie?

With Sam Raimi signed on to produce, the film adaptation is closer than ever.

With the news yesterday that "Evil Dead" director Sam Raimi would act as a producer on a "Last of Us" film adaptation, a big screen version of Joel and Ellie's story moves one step closer to becoming a reality.

Back when word first started circulating about the possibility of a "Last of Us" movie, I suggested some possible actors for the role of Joel, so now seems like the perfect time to cast Ellie.

Willow Shields

Since Ellie is 14 in the game, it's worth mentioning the actress behind Prim first since she's the only one on the list that comes closes to the right age. It's time for Shields to step out of the shadow of Jennifer Lawrence, but let's just hope that if she gets the role, JLaw doesn't come out of nowhere to scream "I volunteer."

Hailee Steinfeld

The Oscar nominee for "True Grit" has had some serious roles in the years since her breakthrough, but she could really shine as Ellie and nail the emotional notes.

Amandla Stenberg

Oh, look! Another "Hunger Games" alum. The actress who played Rue made quite the impression in the first movie, but unfortunately didn't get to stick around for too long. RIP Rue.

Maisie Williams

Any "Game of Thrones" fan has to admit that this would make for some good casting. When she's not being a badass in Westeros, Williams is dominating Vine.

Elle Fanning

It just seems like a matter of time before Fanning hits it really big with a tentpole film. Right?

Isabelle Fuhrman

Why not throw one more "Hunger Games" person in before the end? Also known as "The Orphan," Fuhrman has been ready for another breakthrough part.