Aaron Carter Is Subtweeting All Wrong: Here's How To Fix It

Today's lesson includes examples from Justin Bieber, Rihanna and more.

First off, a lesson in subtweeting. Aaron Carter, listen up.

A subtweet is designed to vaguely address someone bugging you in life, without directly calling out the person. Case in point: One Direction's Zayn Malik properly subtweeted when he wrote "Ask me if I give a motherf--k ?!!" without giving proper background. Great job, Zayn.

But Aaron did it all wrong when he preceded his series of subtweets on Thursday with a retweet of a photo of former girlfriend Hilary Duff.

Aaron, we could've figured out that your tweets about "getting her back" were about your long-lost Disney flame. And some quick advice? You would've been way more mysterious if you left the tweets up to our imagination. Mystery = sexy.

Look at that tweet. A little self-deprecating, a little depressing, but whatever, I can get past that. But with that tweet alone, I could guess about a few people he might have been talking about. Hilary? Lindsay Lohan (he reportedly left Hilary for her when he was 16)? Beauty queen Kari Ann? Brooke Hogan?

The whole mistake of the tweets was that Carter pulled a major Justin Bieber and showed a picture of the person he was talking about. C'mon man! I know it's Aaron's party and you can cry if you want to, but getting the girl back with a public cry of desperation? I'm not sure if it's going to work.

Here's What Not To Do:

"Most elegant princess in the world," Justin tweeted about his ex-girlfriend. Mixed messages, much?

The triangle between Chris Brown, Karreuche Tran and Rihanna can all be decoded through Twitter. Which is great for creepers, but horrible if you're trying to master the subtweet. The three have tried to be vague, but in the end, we call knew what they were talking about.

Or take Slyvester Stallone, for example. This would have been an amazing tweet...

... if he didn't also tweet this!


Here's What To Do:

On the other hand, Rih Rih can be really good at the subtweet. Another effective tactic in the subtweeting game is the use of the retweet. For example, Rihanna likes to retweet astrology quotes that could very much be applied to her life.

And this. What is she talking about? Who's a broke bitch? So mysterious! Must follow.

Kim Kardashian delightfully subtweeted Amber Rose once... or was it about Amber? ... that's the whole fun in guessing. This tweet is confident and has clever wordplay. Aaron, there's definitely something to learn here.

A quick hashtag can do the trick. It's super dismissive and usually gives you the last word. Nicki Minaj's perfect example occurred after Azalea Banks claimed she was going on tour with Nicki.

Aaron could've used the hashtag #IWantHerBack. Drops mic.

Using "you" can really get people guessing. In this case, Pusha T was probably talking about Lil Wayne, but he might've been talking about a number of other people in show biz.

No wonder you're freaking out, Aaron! Take these bits of advice for the future and you'll be just fine. Best of luck with Hilary.