'The Walking Dead': Predictions For Tonight's Episode 'Alone'

Maggie continues the search for Glenn, while Daryl and Beth deal with headaches of their own.

Don't watch "The Walking Dead" alone. It's scary. Do watch "The Walking Dead" episode "Alone," with people. Still scary, but less so.

"Alone" is the name of the game on Sunday's (March 9) latest installment of the zombie series, with Maggie Greene continuing the search for her missing husband Glenn, while Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene deal with some headaches of their own.

What exactly are we going to see tonight? Your bet is as good as ours, but here are a few predictions for the events of "Alone."

1. Tonight will be the Glenn and Maggie show, minus Glenn.

From our chat with Lauren Cohan last week, we already know that Maggie will have "a completely insane" episode tonight. She's going to do her best to reconnect with husband Glenn, even if we don't think it'll quite work out.

A Maggie-Glenn reunion is absolutely in the show's future, sure, but emphasis on future. The writers want us and them to sweat it out before any flames are rekindled. It's going to be a long and lonely road before Maggie and Glenn reconnect; but when they do meet up, it'll be worth the wait.

2. Tonight will be the Bob and Sasha show, plus booze.

While we wait for Glenn and Maggie to get back together, keep an eye on a new budding romance between Sasha and Bob. Tyreese's sister and the prison group's infamous boozehound looked to be growing closer together when we saw them last in "Inmates." Can we expect the sparks to continue to fly?

I'm betting that, yes, we'll get some forward momentum on the Bob-Sasha front. With everyone scattered, "Walking Dead" has veered into bleaker territory than usual; there needs to be some semblance of hope for these characters. Putting Bob and Sasha on the fast-track toward Kissy-Face Town helps that out. It also serves as an awkward, painful reminder to Maggie that her own love is somewhere far away; the kind of drama this show can't resist.

3. Tonight will be the Daryl and Beth show, plus a hangover.

Last week's moonshine-fueled romp was one of the weirdest "Walking Dead" episodes to date. It looks like we'll see the aftermath of Daryl and Beth's drunken adventure, too, as both characters have been featured in previews for tonight's episode.

Daryl was a mean drunk, but it appeared that he'd softened by the end of the episode. Beth, meanwhile, was surprisingly sturdy for a girl who had never touched a bottle before in her life. But how will she fare the morning after? Can we expect to see hungover Beth? That would be the realistic direction to take her after that "Hangover"-inspired episode.

4. Tonight will be the Beth and Maggie show, minus Hershel.

With both of the Greene girls in the mix on tonight's episode, it's entirely possible that we'll see Maggie and Beth reconnect. These two need some happiness in their life, in the aftermath of their father's death, and in the wake of Maggie losing Glenn.

Besides, the show needs to start putting these groups back together. Only four more episodes remain in the season, including tonight's outing. While it's been fun and interesting to see the characters spread apart, it's getting harder to push the story forward when so many main players end up sitting out of episodes for weeks at a time. Putting the Maggie/Sasha/Bob and Daryl/Beth groups together helps out on every level.

5. Tonight will be the Beth and Bob show, plus more booze.

Even if Beth is done drinking, Bob will be more than happy to take on her moonshine — unless Daryl Dixon's fists get in the way of the bottle, of course.

What do you expect will happen on "Walking Dead" tonight? Sound off with your theories in the comments below!