Kanye West Sanctifies Rick Ross' 'Arsenio Hall' Performance

Yeezy joined Rozay and Big Sean on Thursday night.

You don't expect him to be making wedding plans

all day, do you?

Nope, Kanye West still has a day job to think abou,t and on Thursday night, he surprised the audience at "The Arsenio Hall Show" by dropping in to perform his verse on Rick Ross' Mastermind track "Sanctified."

Saying Ross was "so gangsta his beard has warrants," Arsenio introduced the surprise appearance by the hip-hop hydra as the curtain parted and Sean stood center stage. An intro loop of soul singer Betty Wright going to church played in the background.

Sean calmly worked through his hook about groupies crowding the lobby to set up West, who sprinted in from the sidelines to run through the hook again before hitting his verse hard. "I don't sweat it, wipe my forehead with a handkerchief," 'Ye snarled, turning his back for a second before giving the studio audience a hard stare during the line, "And wash my sins in the blood of Jesus/ People sayin' ''Ye we need another Yeezus'."

Sean and West ran through the chorus one more time together before Ross finally slid into frame, nearly three minutes into the performance. Miming a lean-back driving stance, Rozay spit lines about his, "Soldiers all in gators, new Mercedes for cadets/ Balmain uniform, you know Donda designed the vest."

With 'Ye adding the occasional yelped "What?!," the trio bounced in place as Ross' full band played them out with a rocking soul groove.

Ross, who told "RapFix Live"

this week that he has no regrets about his corrections officer past

, also took a seat on the couch to talk to Hall and explained where his signature grunt came from.

"That's just me being in the studio and I may write a line or write a verse and I want to make sure you feel them like I do," said Ross, demonstrating his oft-repeated guttural groan. "Just to make sure I put that emphasis on that line."