Eat At Goldblums, Where Everything Is All Jeff Goldblum, All The Time

No, really. Everything is Jeff Goldblum.

You know and love actor Jeff Goldblum from such classics as "Jurassic Park," "Independence Day" and "The Fly," as well as Wes Anderson's highly anticipated "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but you haven't experienced total Goldblum fandom until you've dined at Goldblum's.

In our latest episode of After Hours, MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz goes from a chance street encounter with Goldblum on the streets of New York City, resulting in an invitation to Goldblum's new restaurant, to, outcome you would have guessed, that's for sure.

"I just opened this restaurant, I don't know if you'd heard," Goldblum enthuses. "It's just around the corner. It's called Goldblums."

A fitting name, considering Goldblum turns out to be more than just the proprietor of the establishment. Much, much more.

Find out what becomes of Horowitz when he enters the depth of Goldblums in the After Hours clip above, and be sure to catch Goldblum in this Friday's "The Grand Budapest Hotel."