Get 'Fast And Furious' With Juicy J, Chris Brown On 'Talkin' Bout' Video Set

Wiz Khalifa tells MTV News they wanted something 'flashy' for Juicy's latest clip.

Being Juicy J means you never have sweat the details, so when the video treatment came around for his upcoming "Talkin' Bout" video, the rap veteran just went with it.

"A lot of time when I get video treatments, I don't really read the whole treatment 'cause I'm so busy, I'm always in the studio," Juice told MTV News while on the set for his upcoming video, which also features Wiz Khalifa and a rapping Chris Brown. "I trust Benny Boom, to me he's one of the best directors in the world. He threw in a Ferrari, threw a nice looking chick with me, so we just been riding around downtown L.A."

"Talkin' Bout" is the latest single from Juicy's Stay Trippy LP. It's one of Juice's more mellow selections, a lot smoother than his breakout solo hit "Bandz a Make Her Dance."

"This song was kinda like random," he explained. "Wiz went through some tracks; he pulled up the track produced by E-Dan. We just did the song. Chris Brown just went in the booth; he didn't write nothing down and just freestyled the whole verse."

For the video, director Benny Boom brought out fast cars and lots of women. "The songs is kinda flashy, so we wanted to do something flashy for the video," Khalifa said. "It's like a getaway, 'Fast and Furious' hood vibe."

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