Big Sean Dubs Himself The 'Black Brad Pitt' On 'Sanctified' Remix: Listen Now

Rick Ross gives Big Sean his blessing to drop 'Sanctified' remix during 'RapFix Live' on Wednesday.

One of the standout tracks on Rick Ross' Mastermind album is the exquisitely produced "Sanctified," which includes a hook from Big Sean and a verse from Kanye West. And while Big Sean was happy to be featured on the song, he still wanted to drop an official remix to the track with Rozay's blessing.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper Skyped into "RapFix Live" on Wednesday to chat with Rick Ross and Sway, revealing how the original track came together, and explaining why he needed to add some verses of his own.

"Me and 'Ye was in the studio working on a whole bunch of ideas and Rozay came in the conversation," Sean said. "And everybody know Rick Ross albums is events. So ['Ye] pulled a track up, and I was telling him I think it's a banger, it's a smash, and he thought we should give it to Rozay."

"Me and him wrote our verses on the spot and we sent it to Mastermind and he did what he did to it," he added.

During his Skype session Big Sean also announced that he was getting ready to roll out his own remix of "Sanctified," with a few new verses, and Rick Ross was all about it.

"I respect the OGs. The OG version and the album version — it's Rick Ross and Kanye, and I appreciate that look, that they let me bless the hook for 'em," he said. "But my foot on these dudes necks this year so I'm not letting up. I just had to make sure it came out. The OGs had their moment and I'm putting my verse out right now."

Big Sean might still be working his way up to OG ranks, but on the "Sanctified" remix he confidently dubs himself the "black Brad Pitt." Listen above.

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