Lady Gaga's Plans For Her SXSW Debut Give Us The Munchies

Singer will make her debut at the music festival next Thursday.

Lady Gaga has played in front of every kind of crowd imaginable over the past five-plus years. From dingy New York piano bars to huge festivals and everything in between. But the one thing on her bucket list she's never done is play the annual musical rugby scrum that is the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

But in a video to Little Monsters, Gaga announced that she would be performing on the Born This Way night next Thursday to help kick off the festival.

"I believe being an individual and speaking your mind is one of the boldest things you can do," said Gaga of the gig that will benefit her nonprofit foundation. "And I will be celebrating that with Doritos on Thursday night."

Of course, there's a hitch. As part of the product placement pitch to score tickets to the intimate 2,000-person gig, Monsters have to complete one of the Doritos Bold Mission challenges, which includes #BoldBravery.

In that challenge, interested fans have to upload a picture or video that expresses their individuality through a bold action. "What bold thing have you done that makes you stand out?" Gaga challenged. The singer will pick one winner to be a VIP at the show.

The other challenges include: #BoldLeap, which requires jumping from a 30-foot platform to grab a golden ticket, the #BoldPerformer, in which you need to play a busking set using Doritos-provided instruments and earn $10 in less than 10 minutes and #BoldHaircut, in which the Doritos barber (wait what?) gives you an "electrifying haircut" in front of a crowd.

If those are too wacky, you can also opt for the #BoldSuitcase, in which you turn in your luggage for a Doritos valise and wear whatever is inside to the show, and the #BoldDerby, where you skate one lap against roller derby pros and snatch the flag from the lead jammer ... while wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler suit.

You can enter by either taking on the Bravery challenge, for which Gaga and Doritos will pick the winning entry, or try your hand at one of the other missions on the ground in Austin, because that's only way to score a ticket to the show.

The snack attack gig will serve as a warm-up for the May 4 kick-off of Gaga' upcoming ARTRAVE tour.