#TBT: Drake Invites Us To His Velvet Bed In 2010

In an interview with Sway, the 'Started From the Bottom' rapper shows off his bed made of 'velvet ostrich.'

All this time, it was assumed that ladies loved Drake for his double-threat talent as a rapper/singer or his intensely passionate onstage performances with Jhené Aiko and Rihanna, but could it be that they really adore the Canadian superstar for his... velvet?

Back in 2010, MTV learned that Drizzy was indeed "Fancy" during the promotional run for his debut LP, Thank Me Later, when the "Started From The Bottom" MC showed off his rather grand and luxurious bed with its plush burgundy velvet bedding, which, according to him, was made from a very large flightless bird.

"Burgundy velvet on the bed you understand, 100 Moolah!" Drake said in a vintage interview with Sway Calloway. "Burgundy velvet...that's made out of a...that's burgundy! That's a velvet ostrich right there, only exist in Cambodia. Velvet ostriches, they burgundy in color. I made some bedsheets out of them right there, 100 Moolah!"

Moolah, of course, was a nod to his beloved record label Young Money and its CEO, Lil Wayne. The explanation for his bed, however, was just another case of Drake being Drake. Even then, when an unseen man threatened to interrupt the rapper's on-camera interview, it was evident how funny the man who calls himself the "light-skinned Keith Sweat" could be.

"This man just tried to walk across in the middle of a MTV interview," Drake said, giving the man off camera a faux disgusted look. "Man, you should be ashamed of yourself baldhead guy, you should be ashamed of yourself."

Now riding high on the success of his third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, and all the trappings of hip-hop superstardom, only one question remains: does he still have that majestic bed with the one-of-a-kind, velvet bedding in his new boudoir?