Nicki Minaj Strips Down And Sheds The Makeup In Instagram Shoot

While her Barbz are used to seeing Nicki all dolled up, she's all natural in her latest pics.

Barbz may not be used to seeing Nicki Minaj sans her eccentric, monochromatic wigs and makeup, but the Young Money empress is consistently giving her millions of followers on social media a front row seat to "Natural Nicki."

Wednesday afternoon (March 5), the "Lookin' Ass N---a" MC took to Instagram to post a montage of revealing photographs of her stripped down to her birthday suit, in various steps of her post-shower process.

In the first photo, Nicki's is shown with her wet hair cascading down her back, while the next one shows her looking straight at the camera, baring a little top cleavage and, from the look on her face, part of her soul. For the third picture, she flashes a playful, dimpled smile before offering up three additional sexy poses from the side, with one in particular where she holds her breasts in her hands.

For the final picture in the revealing series, Nicki is wearing a purple paisley garment, pulling her hair into a ponytail as she looks out towards two white paneled French doors.

The unexpected look at an unprimped and toned down Nicki is likely part of her rebranding as she looks to get back to her lyrical roots. Her upcoming LP, The Pink Print, is expected to be a nod to her days as a raw and uncut mixtape rapper prone to "talk crazy" in her verses and make a name for herself in the male-dominated genre.