See The Real Estate Listings For Wes Anderson's Whimsical Locales

We imagined listings for the Grand Budapest, the Tenenbaum house and more.

Got those mid-winter apartment blues? Itching for a change that you don't think a good round of spring cleaning and redecorating will scratch? An accent wall won't cure these cold-weather blahs, only a new place altogether can do that.

Luckily for you, there's Wes Anderson Realty, here to fill all of your whimsical shelter needs. Adventurous at heart, but still looking for a little space? Perhaps you'd be comfortable shacking up in the majestic Belafonte, the research vessel of aquatic adventurers Team Zissou. Prefer something slightly more remote, but no less luxurious? The 115 stately rooms of the Grand Budapest Hotel, accessible by up-mountain funicular, will suit your fancy. (It's a real fixer-upper.) Got an eye for nature? You might like to bark up the tree house owned by the Foxes.

In reality, you won't have much luck with this realty — the landmarks depicted in director Wes Anderson's films are fictional, but important nonetheless. The filmmaker's work depends just as heavily on the spaces their characters call home as it does on his signature pastel color palette and sans serif typefaces. As a tribute to Anderson's fixation on the places we call home, and in honor of this Friday's "The Grand Budapest Hotel," we dug up real estate listings for five of the most iconic structures featured in Anderson lore. Check them out below.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel"

"Fantastic Mr. Fox"

"The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"


"The Royal Tenenbaums"