Juicy J Wants People To Finally Hear His Story On The Hustle Continues

'I'm not going to have too many features on this album,' Juice tells MTV News of next album.

Everyone loves Juicy J, so when it was time to record his solo album, 13 different rappers and singers showed up to be featured. From Chris Brown to Justin Timberlake to Wiz Khalifa, a who's-who of stars turn up on Stay Trippy — and that's not counting the deluxe edition tracks.

For his next project however, Juice says he plans to keep the guests to a minimum.

"I've been doing this a long time, but I got more to say. I'm not going to have too many features on this album just because I want people to hear my story, what I been through," Juicy told MTV News of his upcoming project, The Hustle Continues, while he was in Los Angeles shooting the video for "Talkin' Bout." "Coming in the game 20 years [ago], being relevant, still being here, the CEO point of everything — the whole shebang.

Juice said he started working on his new LP immediately after he finished his last one, and he's eyeing a late-summer release in August or September, though he joked that he just may surprise fans and drop it out the blue. "I'm about 90 percent finished with the album; I haven't got a release date yet. I might just drop it like Beyoncé, just don't even tell anybody," he said laughing.

"I got a lot to talk about," he continued. "Stay Trippy, I love that album and soon as I got through recording that album and the day it was released, I went right back in the studio and I started back working on a new album and I called that album The Hustle Continues because I felt like I'm not done yet."