Why Did Katy Perry 'Walk Away' When Miley Cyrus Slipped Her The Tongue?

'I don't know where it's been,' Perry told an Australian radio show about Miley's tongue.

It was the kiss seen around the world, but if it were up to Miley Cyrus, her steamy smooch with Katy Perry on her Bangerz Tour would have been a whole lot sexier.

Perry, who reportedly split from longtime boyfriend John Mayer, was in Australia to announce the Aussie leg of her Prismatic tour and give some weather reports, and while doing a radio interview, was asked if she noticed that Miley was about to take the kiss to the next level, adding a little bit of that oh-so-famous tongue.

"Yes, I saw that and that's when I walked away," Perry said. "I was like that tongue is infamous I don't know where it's been. You slide down it every night. I was just going in for a 'hey, girlfriend' kiss."

Perry was referring to the moment at the beginning of Cyrus' show when she slides down a giant tongue. However, there were no hard feelings after the lip-lock, which took place at the Los Angeles stop of Miley's tour, with Perry tweeting a photo of the two of them after the kiss.

That wasn't the only exciting thing that Perry has accomplished as of late. The "Dark Horse" singer had a "miracle" recently, helping her sister deliver her baby in her living room.

"My sister gave birth in her living room and I got to be an assistant doula, which is a home birth. It's kind of just there for support," Perry said. "I was like Scorsese filming everything, getting in there. She doesn't want to see that for about a year though. I was in it, I probably shouldn't give too many details. My sister is actually the true rock star, she gave birth in her living room, without a single Advil."

So did watching the birth make Katy want to have some babies of her own anytime soon?

"I don't know if I could do it her way, because that was super intense. But my baby will be super intense because it's basically in the form of a tour for a year and a half."

Katy kicks off her Prismatic world tour in May.