Lena Dunham Inspires 'SNL' Cast To Go Topless

In the promos for her first time as 'Saturday Night Live' host, Dunham pairs off with Kate McKinnon for big laughs.

Lena Dunham, the oft-topless creator and star of HBO's "Girls," is making the jump from premium cable to network TV this weekend when she makes her debut as host of "Saturday Night Live." So far, she's even managed to keep her shirt on. (Spoiler: The same can't be said of everyone in the below video.)

NBC released on Wednesday (March 5) a series of short promos for Dunham's spin as host, featuring the multi-hyphenate alongside cast member Kate McKinnon, self-admitted "Girls" fanatic.

Want to hear Dunham's goals for her time at 30 Rockefeller Center? Look no further. Need to see Dunham and McKinnon have a dance party to celebrate being young feminists? Check, it's there. Dying to see Dunham's directing skills and constructive criticism ("slut witch" is a gentle description, right?) in action? Done and done.

We'll see if that character who "moves in with Hannah and follows her around and does everything with her" comes to fruition.

Dunham's episode will air at 11:30 p.m. on March 8 on NBC.