Lea Michele Wants Fans To Lean On Louder When 'Times Are Hard': Watch

Michele reveals the therapy within her new album to MTV News.

This week Lea Michele released her debut album Louder, giving fans an inside glimpse at what her life has been like over the past two years. And MTV News recently caught up with Michele, who revealed that she didn't want to hold anything back — the highs or the lows — from her fans on her debut effort.

"I've had amazing experiences, and I've also had some really difficult things happen to me so, this album was really just letting people into that part of my life," Michele said.

"But also, letting everyone know that, when times are good, that's great," she continued. "But when times are hard, how important strength is and how important finding that strength within yourself is. It's really hard and it took me a long time to find that within myself, but I did and I hope that, when fans listen to this record that it helps them in a way that these songs have really helped me."

And that's exactly what has been happening. Michele knows that fans have been grieving with her over the loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith, who died last July, which is why she decided to add her first single, "Cannonball" and the heartbreaking ballad, "If You Say So," about her final conversation with Monteith, to the album.

"I wanted 'Cannonball' to be the first single because I just wanted everyone to know where I was at," Michele said. "It wasn't even originally supposed to be the first single, but I just didn't feel, that coming out of the gate, that I could lead with any other song because it was just so important for everyone to know, like, here's where we are. Everything's OK."

Michele continued, "And then also, with the loss, people ... everyone lost Cory. He had such amazing fans, so a song like 'If You Say So' also lets everyone into the experience because losing someone is very hard, especially when you look up to them, and you watch them on television, so I wanted to sort of, let them in a little bit as well because, it was really hard for everybody."