Watch The Janoskians Drop Their Pants In Outrageous Dance Tutorial

Daniel strips down in order to show MTV News the perfect split.

The Janoskians aren't exactly known as dancers. But every now and then, the YouTube phenoms need a break from touring the world, disrupting trains and swimming through mobs of fans.

So that's why, during our interview with the fivesome, we paused after talking about their upcoming projects and Dirty Pig clothing line to dance it out.

Here's what we got:

1. The Single-File Thrust

If you're looking to recreate some moves from their 2012 video for "Set this World on Fire," look no further. Just "please be sure to stretch before this dance move," Jai Brooks advised.

2. The Janoskian Flip

We slowed this one down for you, so you can watch Beau Brooks and Daniel Sahyoune perfect this difficult dance duet. And even though Beau claims "it requires a whole lot of no talent," admit it: you're pretty impressed.

3. The Ball-Cracking Split

Daniel had to slip his pants off to show us his split, but maybe it's a little too painful to try for yourself. "Did your balls crack?" the commentating groupmates asked.

"They split in half," they suggested, wincing in pain.