Katy Perry Doing The Weather On Australian TV Is Even Better Than It Sounds

Singer crashed Australia's Channel 7 and was super perky, but pretty much got everything wrong.

Katy Perry is so good at so many things: singing, making amazing videos
, being the most charming pop star on the planet. But she can't be great at everything and we think we finally found something she kind of stinks at.

The weather. Specifically, delivering the weather Al Roker-style on a national TV network. That didn't stop her, though, from giving it a shot on Wednesday (March 5) morning when she popped in to Australia's Channel 7's "Sunrise" show to promote her Prismatic tour.

Here are the most adorkable mistakes she made while trying to sort out the difference between Brisbane and Broome:

1. Don't Ever Show Your Face In Perth Again

After calling her special weatherman pointer a "nifty wand," Perry started off the segment by forecasting a few showers in "Karns," while pointing to Perth, which is on the opposite coast. Also, it's "Cairns," Katy, not "Karns," or "Cans."

2. Get Out Of The Way!

If there is one rule of weatherman club it's this: NEVER, EVER stand in front of the map! While trying to find Canberra, (or "Cernaberra" as Katy put it), she blocked most of the continent with her flowery housecoat, eliciting giggles from the crew.

3. It's Called Celsius, Katy

Noticing that it was only going to be 23 degrees in Melbourne, Katy quipped, "23? That's really cold, ya'll!" Um, actually it's almost 75 degrees Fahrenheit, Perry, get it together.

4. Hobart, Hogwarts, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

Pointing and smiling is a lot harder than it looks. And while Katy has no problem nailing the lyrics to her songs on stage every night, when it came to reading names off the map, well, let's just say she's not going to set any new Billboard records in that category.

Instead of giving the temperature in the southernmost city of Hobart, KP referred to it as "Hogwarts."