'Lindsay': Biggest Moments From The Trailer For Lohan's Reality Series

Actress gets teary and tense in this trailer for 'Lindsay.'

Can Oprah Winfrey stop Lindsay Lohan from being her own worst enemy? A new first look trailer from the upcoming docu-series "Lindsay" says... Well, maybe.

"Lindsay," which premieres March 9 on OWN, is a straightforward window into Lohan's ongoing cycle of substance abuse and self-sabotage, with Oprah herself stepping in to help the actress change her life. With the trailer now online, we're getting our first peek at what's in store when the troubled starlet lets the cameras in.

Lohans Galore

In addition to Lindsay herself, various members of the family — including parents Michael and Dina — will be making an appearance in the series. Dina, who was a reality TV star in her own right on the E! network's "Living Lohan," appears in the trailer looking typically camera-ready.

But it's the relationship between Lindsay and her dad that should make for the most interesting television: a brief clip of the two sharing a meal shows that tensions are still running high between them, with Lindsay not ready to let go of her disappointment in the father who so often failed her.

Self-Aware, Or Still Using?

The death spiral of Lohan's professional life has had many stops along the way: incarceration, DUIs, lost opportunities to work as she gained a reputation for being unreliable and volatile. But addiction is the thread that runs through it all, and it remains to be seen if the latest of the actress's many attempts to get clean and stay sober will be the one that makes the difference.

In the trailer's opening voiceover, Lindsay describes drinking and partying as having no appeal for her — and she seems to understand her own impulse to sabotage her successes. But when an off-camera interviewer asks the star's sobriety coach if she's still sober, his response is an uncomfortable sigh.

Real Talk from Oprah

It's a fascinating wrinkle for this project that Oprah Winfrey herself, the grand high empress of all things self-improvement, will be personally doing her utmost to shepherd Lindsay into the magical world of responsible adulthood.

What's already clear: it won't be easy. The cameras show Oprah shaking her head with dismay upon being told that Lindsay isn't keeping to the terms of her contract, grasping at the air and saying, "She doesn't understand. This is your life." And when they do finally sit down one-on-one? It's a straightforward prescription from the media mogul: "You need to cut the bullsh--."

Will the bullsh-- be cut? We'll find out soon: "Lindsay" premieres on OWN March 9.