'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Exclusive: Peter And Gwen Go The Distance

The web-crossed lovers find themselves on divergent paths with the next chapter of the 'Spider-Man' saga unfolds.

Gwen Stacy loves Spider-Man — but she loves Peter Parker even more.

Midtown Science High School's valedictorian, and Spidey/Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, admits as much in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," directed by Marc Webb. In the featurette, producers like Avi Arad and Stan Lee as well as stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield swing into one of the central conflicts of the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel: The growing divide between Peter and Gwen.

In the film, Gwen graduates from Midtown Science High with the highest honor, and later learns that she's been accepted to an Oxford scholars program that would take her away from New York and over to London. As if dating a superhero wasn't already hard enough, Gwen now faces the very real possibility of long-distance dating a superhero — or, more likely, having to break things off.

"Gwen has dreams and goals of her own," says producer Matt Tolmach. "She's not waiting around for Peter Parker to decide if he can be with her or not."

Indeed, Parker has to decide which is more important: Swinging around as Spider-Man, or being with the woman he loves.

"Peter doesn't want to be apart from her," says Garfield. "That's a deep inner conflict that he has to navigate. It's painful."

Parker has his fair share of pain to contend with, thanks to foes like Electro and Green Goblin. But the Gwen dilemma is perhaps the most heartbreaking conflict of them all. Despite that, Stone says that she fully appreciates where Gwen is coming from.

"I really like what's happening with Gwen in this one. She's grown up quite a bit," the actress says. "She's in the midst of graduating as valedictorian and having that great success in her life, and having to find her way with this boy who has a lot going on with his own life, too."

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" swings into theaters on May 2.