Jimmy Fallon Gets Idina Menzel’s Name Right, Jams With Her On ‘Let It Go’

Fallon dings John Travolta for flubbing Menzel's name at Oscars, plays 'Let It Go' on toy instruments with her.

At this point, we all know how not to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name, so thank you, John Travolta.

When the singer dropped by “The Tonight Show” on Monday night, fresh from her Oscar performance, the host made sure to take his time saying her name very carefully to avoid any slip-ups.

Fallon opened the show with a Travolta joke. “Welcome to ’The Tonight Show,’ I’m Jimmy Fallon. Or as John Travolta calls me, ’Jellen Fayahaaa.’ ” Jimmy said he actually felt bad for his old pal Travolta for mangling Menzel’s name 
 while introducing her at Sunday night’s Oscars 
. He then, of course, played the Vine shared ’round-the-world of the incident.

Embedded from vine.co.