The Oscars Pizza Guy Finally Got His Tip... And It's $1,000

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Hollywood pizza owner Edgar Martirosyan to her talk show to give him his long-awaited tip

When Edgar Martirosyan got the call to deliver pizza to Hollywood's Dolby Theatre during Sunday night's Academy Awards, he thought he was bringing dinner to a bunch of hungry writers. But then, after a few befuddled minutes, he found himself onstage with host Ellen DeGeneres, in front of not only the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, but also a nearly record-breaking 43 million viewers at home.

He didn't say much, and apart from the fact that he can rock a red cap like no other, not much was known about the owner of Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria. But on Monday (March 3), Ellen invited him back onstage for an interview on her daytime talk show to shed light on the man who turned the Oscars into a pizza party.

And he, of course, brought with him a pie from the Hollywood pizza joint he and his brother have owned, according to USA Today, for the past eight years.

"I was shocked," Edgar told Ellen of finding himself on the Oscars stage. "It was really crazy."

Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and the ever-hungry Jennifer Lawrence all indulged on a piece of the pie, but there was one person he was particularly pleased to serve: Julia Roberts, Best Supporting Actress nominee, the eternal pretty woman and, for Martirosyan, "the woman in my dreams."

"I was always watching her movies in Moscow, 'Pretty Woman,' so it was something crazy to me," Edgar said.

One thing that maybe wasn't so amazing was that none of the multi-millionaire nominees in the audience seemed to have any cash on them for a well-deserved tip. After Ellen admitted "I don't have any money" and Sandra Bullock gave a shrug, it seemed he'd walk away short-handed.

Luckily, Ellen passed around a Pharrell-style hat for tips, managing to rake in a cool $1,000 for the inconvenience.

Not bad for three pizzas.