Girls On 'Girls': Nina Would Save That Talk For Another Time

A real New York woman reacts to this week's episode of "Girls," "Flo."

If you're a human with a premium cable subscription and even a slight interest in pop culture, chances are you had a little June Squibb in your life last night. Yes, Squibb was nominated for (and lost) an Academy Award for her role in "Nebraska," but in case you felt like pulling a Mia Farrow, she also had guest role on "Girls" as Hannah's ailing grandmother.

New Yorker Nina Riddel, a 31-year-old film festival organizer, caught up with the March 2 episode, "Flo," and shared her real-talk reactions with MTV News.

Are You a Girl?

I'm a woman.

Do You Relate to 'Girls' in General?

Yes. Especially in the first season I found it confrontingly, sometimes painfully accurate. Now I am feeling that way about Broad City, which is somehow a more soothing recognition.

Are You a Hannah/Marnie/Shosh/Jessa/Charlotte/Carrie/etc?

Hannah, but I also think Shosh will grow into a Hannah.

What's Your Baggage?

Ooh, thats a big question. A high genetic risk of breast cancer, a gaslight-y ex, an estranged father who left my mom for someone younger than me — for starters. Life is full of surprises!

Share a Sample Chapter Title For Your Mindy Kaling-Style Memoir.

Revenge Fantasies While... Not Jogging.

What's a Moment From Sunday's Episode That Felt Most Like Something You'd Do?

Take family negativity in stride. I love how real and dysfunctional everyone was. Shows that insist on sentimentality are so oppressive. Or maybe refuse to listen to good advice from a family member? (I thought Hannah's mom was very right about Adam.)

And Something You'd Never Do?

Have that commitment conversation! Especially by phone when the other person is working!

What's a Lie You've Told a Relative?

I'm a terrible liar. But I know we all let our grandparents think things they assume about our lives without correcting them. I remember when I realised that my grandmother had never heard of Andy Warhol that I shouldn't try and explain my life to her. I couldn't grasp that it was possible to not have heard of him.

Last Thing You Remember Texting While Driving (or Commuting)?

I don't drive and would never text at the wheel (that scene was terrifying! Although they do rely pretty heavily on car crashes for catharsis) I've definitely texted people I was "getting on the L train right now" while still on the Q or F at those sneaky parts of the subway where you get reception for a second. (W4 and Prince St., I think?)

What's the Sneakiest Insult Ever Flung at You?

A boss once told me not to entrust a printing task to a coworker who was Spanish, because he was "foreign" and wouldn't know where to get printing done in NYC. So am I, which he realized a second after saying it. I didn't know either!